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Will give YOU the power to:

Make better decisions quicker


Trust and rely on your own Intuitive Guidance


Experience more Magic, Miracles, and Manifestations in your life

Clear discernment of your absolute "yes's" and "no's"

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FREE Course in the

SIA Library ​​​​​​​

For almost thrity years Anna Allen has been developing “Solutions of Harmony for the Highest Good” by applying her natural gifts, formal education, professional acumen and intense life experiences to create, channel and synchronize harmonious solutions for individual leaders, corporations and communities alike.

Intolerant of the conventional systems, Anna started college courses and her first business at eleven years old, and quickly found her place in society as a much needed clairvoyant guide, medical intuitive and business muse. 

Recognized for her experience and natural gifts, she communicates and consults as a clear channel of fierce love and direct deliverance of truth in harmonious ways that honor and benefit everyone and every thing; namely humanity and the Earth itself.

As a highly sought after guide, consultant, advisor and healer to influential leaders worldwide, Anna specializes in the fields of biology, finance, and culture change by living her purpose of "creating Systems of Harmony" for concierge clients and their conscious businesses.

She is known by her clients around the World as a peace maker, negotiator and Spiritual advisor; often referred to as their  “Fairy Godmother " thanks to her fiercely loving embrace. 

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Ushered by modern yogi-parents, Anna and her three brothers enjoyed growing up with the Kriya Yoga teachings as her way of life. Having sur-thrived from several traumas in childhood and adult life, Anna learned how to use the infinite healing powers of Universal Energy at a very young age. She found a passion in discovering how to regenerate the body from a highest Soul-view, down to the micro-cellular/ physiological, emotional and psychological levels that activate personal & social change.

Her definitive guidance and unconditional embrace has transformed some of the greatest conscious leaders from crash to creation by applying her unique abilities, vast  experience and extensive knowledge of the human operating system. This process results in evolving into an integrated conscious being she calls, “HomoSanctus Infinitus,” Vessel of the Infinite Wholly. 

Personal and Professional services are offered through the Academy & Council ~ All offerings are available for application to the Self, a Partnership, Business, Community & Humanity; and thereby, our precious Planet.

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Sacred Intelligence Agency

Solutions of Harmony for the Highest Good.

Keynote Speaking: 

Proclamation of Self - Align with Your Council 

HomoSanctus Infinitus - Vessel of the Infinite Wholly

Leaders of Legacy - Your Purpose Is Your SuperPower

Energy Economy - Everything is Energy, Every Thing Matters

“MotherBoard Council - Solutions of Harmony for The Highest Good”

Leadership Consulting:

Synchronic Alignments

Peace Negotiations & Resolution Training

Creating Solutions & Systems of Harmony

Infinite Evolution & Expression 

Conscious Culture Systems

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Concierge Leader Mentorship Programs are available for Individual and Private Groups. Inquire here.

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Click the image below to watch this Worldwide

Award Winning documentary by FiveDTV & Dr. Lana Marconi,

  featuring Anna Naturalista!

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Path of The Prophecies 2020 Ancient Wisdom for Today's Solutions​​​​​​​

Path Class is back for the 5th year & better than ever to prepare YOU for this monumental Decade of Timelines, Evolution & Prophetic Wisdom. ​​​​​​​


SIA Library Course​​​​​​​


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